CVC On the Road: Southern Virginia University

CVC On the Road: Southern Virginia University

Each week this season we will follow one Continental Volleyball Conference team as they head out on the road. This week's story is with Southern Virginia University junior Paul Clark. Paul took us along as the Knights picked up a pair of conference wins and a battle against #7 ranked Dominican last weekend.

"Me and my roommates, two of my teammates, woke up and ate some breakfast before heading to the bus around 8:30 a.m. on Friday. We all have our usual spots on the bus. Once we got settled in, stored our snacks, our coach said a prayer for us to all have a safe trip and then we hit the road. Usually, for the first few hours of a trip, we sleep and then we have a bathroom break. Today we stopped just outside of Harrisburg, Pa. The drive was kind of rough with the strong winds in the northeast right now. Ramapo actually had to cancel their match against Marymount because the campus closed because the weather was so bad."

"After our break, we hit the road again for the rest of our bumpy and wavy ride. It is a little more lively after the break with some people doing homework and some playing games. Our school is partnered with Apple so we all have iPads to do our homework on and textbooks on so it makes traveling easy. Of course, some people decided to go back to sleep."

"The weather continues to worsen as we get closer to Cairn. It has taken us about 40 minutes to go 15 miles thanks to the blizzarding snow and slush everywhere. We decided to get off the road for a bit and stopped at Chick-Fil-A for some food."

"After eating we ventured back to the roads, trying to find our way to Cairn on a bunch of back winding roads. A few us scrolled through social media, talked about school, and made up games as we were getting antsy."

"As we got closer to Cairn we started talking about game strategy. Coach addressed the whole team and went over some plays he wants to run and then certain things for the upcoming matches. We got to Cairn around 4:30 p.m., headed to the locker room and changed. It was game time."

"We topped Cairn and went off to Boston Market for dinner before driving an hour to our hotel near Ramapo. We were put in three or four people to each room and got a good rest before waking up for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. A lot of the guys did homework on our drive, some others relaxed and watched tv."

"We were actually running late on the way to Ramapo because a lot of the roads were blocked because large trees had fallen across some of the roads during the previous nights due to the winds and snow storms. We start getting hyped as we get closer, listening to music and joking around; playing games."

"We split our matches on Saturday, beating Ramapo and falling to Dominican. For dinner, we ate at Smashburger to prepare us for our 7 12 hour bus ride home. Of course, we couldn't make it all the way home without eating again, so we hit up Sheetz for some more food and gas and then wrapped up our trip."

"To keep us entertained we usually play iPhone games together and send videos to each other via social media, like Snapchat. Just random videos of us doing stupid things on the bus, sleeping weird, or eating stupidly. A lot of different things. If we watch movies, we usually do so on our own with own devices. Being an LDS (Mormon) school some of the guys have different standards so we don't watch the same kind of movies. That kept us busy until we pulled back up to our campus."